First 3rd Party Move Controllers and Camera Coming in January

November 20, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Video gaming peripheral manufacture, Snakebyte, has undoubtedly made a presence in this generation’s third party gaming device market. Starting off their presence on the PlayStation 3 with their Premium Bluetooth Controllers (available in multiple models, including one that matches the analog layout of the competition), the German peripheral producer has come up with a third-party solution for the latest in PlayStation 3.

With all the latest craze in motion control technology for consoles, the proprietary technology of the various devices are essentially monopolized by the platform holders. With the open design of the PlayStation Move, however, there is plenty of room for third-party involvement. This is exactly why Snakebyte has announced the release of the first unofficial lineup of PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye replacements.

Just like the Snakebyte Premium Bluetooth controllers, these PlayStation Move products should work just like the official Sony ones. Provided that the pricing can compete with the original, do you see yourself cashing in on these? Tell us in the comments section below.