inFamous 2 Discharges Intriguing New Details

November 24, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

inFamous has been one of this generation’s most popular new IPs. With tons of fun abilities, a karma system, and an intriguing superhero story, it’s no surprise that we gave it a terrific score. Some new details about its upcoming younger brother prove intriguing, and we might very well have a potential blockbuster on our hands.

The latest December issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine reveals a wealth of new information regarding inFamous 2, including the following:

  • A group of intimidating monsters called “The Corrupted” will add an interesting third dimension to the social struggle in the city environments.
  • The karma system will return with some extra features, and a major decision will be made at a certain point in the game which will change the environment in a major way.
  • The two-pronged weapon seen in many inFamous 2 screenshots is called “The Amp”, and it is one of several usable weapons which should provide combat flexibility along with improved melee mechanics.
  • The abundant Blast Shards will make a welcomed return.
  • A new collectible will be used in a similar way to currency for gaining powers.

The Amp looks like it’ll add a lot of offensive options, and nothing says “What did you say!?” more than a giant cattle prod layered in red lightning. That along with a boost to the karma system and the amount of moral-testing decisions should prove inFamous 2 to be a solid addition to the PlayStation 3’s exclusive-heavy line-up in 2011.