Sony Teases Holographic Games

November 24, 2010Written by Ray Conley

If you think Sony has pushed the envelope with 3D gaming, think again. It turns out they they seem to have more ambitious plans laid out for their flagship console.

Recently, SCEE studio director Mick Hocking revealed to Develop that companies are already researching on various forms of 3D entertainment and that Sony has “techniques” for holographic gaming.

“3D on mobile devices, and other forms of 3D, are all possible and many companies are working on them right now.

“We also have techniques like holographics for the PS3 that I think will be very interesting for the future 3D games.”

Hocking also had some good news for those who are paranoid about screen-watchers for offline multiplayer.

“In regards to that we have some new technology that we’ve shown to developers that uses 3D techniques, it allows two players to play full screen multi-player games but without each being able to see the others view, and they have been massively keen on them.

“There’s lots to come. 

This isn’t just about adding 3D to the PS3 – there’s a whole wave of new technologies and techniques that make use of 3D and the 3D hardware that we can use to enhance our games with in the future.”

Some researchers have already claimed that holographic TVs could see their way into homes around 2017, which is just under a decade away. Even though the PS3 may be capable of handling holographic tech, we’ll more than likely see this feature make its debut on the PS4 if the technology looks promising.