Gran Turismo 5 Helps Overlap PS3 Sales

December 4, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

The Gran Turismo series by the Japanese developers, Polyphony Digital, is the most successful PlayStation franchise with over 56 million copies throughout seven retail releases. With this is mind, it came to no surprise that the latest iteration, Gran Turismo 5, took the top spot on the sales charts in Europe and Japan, even over Call of Duty: Black Ops. Looking over the sales numbers, how did the the racing simulator effect sales of its console?

Based on weekly consoles sales of the PlayStation 3 from the week prior to GT5‘s release to the week of, Japanese hardware sales charts shows an overlapping leap for the PS3. While the stand-alone copy of Gran Turismo 5 sold 430,000 units, the PS3 sold 68,840 consoles, more than double of the previous week’s 29,058 units. As usual, though, the Japanese market never ceases to surprise us on their sales charts since the PS3’s little brother, the PSP-3000, still managed to outsell PS3 (more than likely in preparation for Monster Hunter 3).

Gran Turismo 5 is already listed as the sixth biggest launch title on the PlayStation 3 but where will the game’s lifetime sales accelerate it? Will it end up being the best selling PS3 title of all time? Tell us what game you think will be number 1 through it all in the comments section below.