Cross Game Chat – Episode XVI

Another Monday is upon us, but the most exciting news of the day has to be the latest episode of Cross Game Chat…brought to you by the letter Z. This week sees the full team back together again as Paulmichael has returned from his exile to Middle Earth for not knowing of the awesomeness that is Back to the Future.


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This week the guys talk about new details surrounding Uncharted 3, discuss the state of the Netflix Union on the PS3, and give their unbiased thoughts on if the Kane and Lynch series has a place in modern gaming. A heated debate erupts on the PlayStation Phone with everyone having a different point of view, Allen and Cameron literally snap over some horrendous Ghostbusters news, and the team shares their “Winners and Losers” from titles released last month…with some surprising results. Somehow a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference gets worked in, the guys discuss Net Neutrality, and the “Geek Movie to Watch” stars, of all people, Sam Rockwell. In what has to be the most tender moment ever captured on a podcast, Josh shares with us what he has had to resort to since he has no new games to play–I suggest you have tissues handy.

Also this week, another Tester: Season 2 episode down and another cast member has been sent packing. As always we’ll be speaking with the latest member voted off the show. This week’s guest is:

Tripplethreat talks about being the girl Kratos, energy drinks, cosplay, and of course, her time on The Tester: Season 2. To see more of Tripplethreat, check her our at her Youtube channel:

So give us a listen and as always, if you have any concerns or would like your question read on the podcast, email us at