This Week On PS Blog – 8/31/19: Spider-Man, PS Plus Games, Control, and More

Hey PlayStation fans and regular PSLS readers, welcome to the first weekly recap of everything that’s taken place on the PlayStation Blog and various social channels! If they’ve posted something interesting, you’ll find it here, as well as takes from the wondrous team of writers at PSLS who put together a mind boggling amount of content on the daily. Can we take a moment to give them a round of applause? As I mentioned in the introductory post, this is going to be an ever evolving series, so if you’ve got suggestions, let me know in the comments or tweet me @SonyRumors.

Reader yowzagabowza already brought it to my attention that many questions go unanswered on PS Blog, so maybe that’s something I’ll try to incorporate in the future – a section where we (at least try to) answer those questions.

Firewall Zero Hour Free Weekend for PS Plus Members Announced

Firewall Zero Hour

One of the most unique games on PlayStation VR is going to be free to play for 6 days as it celebrates its one year anniversary. While there’s no shortage of quality games on PS VR, I think we can all agree that a shooter is one of the first genres that pops into our minds when we think of a fun, but intense VR experience.

Damoun Shabestari, Game Director, First Contact Entertainment:

During this 6-day Free Trial, players can squad up and dive straight into battle—testing out the latest maps, weapons, and equipment. Since launching one year ago, we’ve added 4 more maps to the game (Containment, Hangar, F.O.B., Newsroom), plus new Contractors, weapons, and tons of customizations like camo skins, face paints, and trinkets. Players will get to try out the new free missions from our latest season which launched August 13th, Operation: Dark Web, and earn free cosmetic rewards. There will also be a Double XP event happening concurrently during the 6 days–so players can level up even faster in-game.

Brianna Reeves:

Starting on August 28th, a free trial for Firewall Zero Hour will go live. The trial will come to an end six days later on September 2nd, and only those who are active PlayStation Plus subscribers are eligible to participate.

From PS Blog:

Celebrate One Year of Firewall Zero Hour on PS VR with Free Trial

Our Take:

To Celebrate the One-Year Anniversary, Firewall Zero Hour Gets a 6-Day Free Trial

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection

Set to arrive in the new year on January 21st, Capcom is releasing another Mega Man collection for PS4 that includes all four Mega Man Zero and two Mega Man ZX games. Like so many collections making their way to modern consoles, there’s a whole lot more to this new Mega Man than just replaying the exact same game.

Kellen Haney, Associate Manager, Social Media & Community, Capcom USA:

There’s lots more we haven’t covered just yet, including optional visual filters, different screen ratios, and different layouts for the second display that features in ZX and ZX Advent! There’s even more to do beyond the games themselves, with an art gallery stuffed with illustrations, a music player featuring tracks from all six games, and exclusive new songs made for Zero / ZX Legacy Collection. You can also switch between multiple versions of each game (including the original Japanese releases). Of course, we can’t forget the new Z Chaser Mode that snuck into the end of the trailer – though you’ll have to wait a bit to hear more about that.

If you’re ready to dive in as soon as the collection is available, you can pre-order now for an additional selection of ten tracks to listen to in-game! The “Reploid Remixes” include six new remixes of an iconic song or theme from each game, replacing the in-game music with a brand new track made just for Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. You can also listen to an additional four tracks made specifically for the collection via the in-game music player.

Jordan Boyd:

Capcom will be releasing yet another collection based on the Blue Bomber, but this time the collection will focus on Zero. Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection will include six games: Mega Man Zero, Mega Man Zero 2, Mega Man Zero 3, Mega Man Zero 4, Mega Man ZX, and Mega Man ZX Advent. The game was first spotted over on the PlayStation Store in Hong Kong with an announcement trailer and release date. This will be the fifth collection of games from Capcom, following Mega Man Legacy Collection, Legacy Collection 2, Mega Man X Legacy Collection, and Legacy Collection 2.

From PS Blog:

Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection Dashes to PS4

Our Take:

Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX Will Return in a New Capcom Collection

Control game

Control Arrives On PS4

If you’re in the mood for a “60s-style government secrecy and interdimensional sci-fi” game, then Control could be exactly what you’re looking for. From the developers behind Quantum Break, this multi-platform game is a nice break from your typical shooters, delivering charm, albeit sometimes in a “janky” way.

Antonela Pounder, Senior Brand Community Manager, 505 Games:

For those who know very little about Control, let me fill you in… Control is a supernatural third-person action-adventure title from the wonderful team at Remedy Entertainment. You play as Jesse Faden, the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. The FBC is a secret government agency in the heart of New York, based at The Oldest House. It’s your job to seek answers and regain Control after an invasion (known as the Hiss) takes over their HQ. It won’t be long until you realize all is not as it seems… This otherworldly threat creates an unpredictable world that will challenge Jesse and push her to her limits.

Brianna Reeves:

Death Stranding will have quite a few cameos, what with Geoff Keighley, and directors Guillermo del Toro and Nicolas Winding Refn confirmed to appear. But when Kojima’s not calling on industry friends to cameo in his games, he’s out doing cameos himself. Earlier in the year, Kojima’s personal assistant shared photos of him on Twitter. In the photos, the Creative Director is seen providing voice work for a project for “the other Sam” not connected to Death Stranding. Evidently, that “other Sam” is Sam Lake of Remedy. That other project? Control. That’s right, folks. Kojima makes an appearance in Remedy’s latest title, or at least his voice does.

From PS Blog:

Embrace a Surreal Power Trip with Control – Out on PS4 Today

Our Take:

Hideo Kojima’s Surprising Cameo in Control is Perfectly Kojima

Our Control Review:

Control Review – Conspiracies, Bureaucracy, and Ghost Bullets

spider man dlc

Peter Tingles Time

Do you consider yourself a fan of Marvel, comics, quality games, or just plain-ol’ oxygen? If so, then you owe it to yourself to play what’s quite possibly the best superhero game ever made. And that game, Marvel’s Spider-Man, just received a GOTY edition.

James Stevenson, Community Director, Insomniac Games:

We’re a little over a week away from the game’s one-year anniversary on September 7th! We’ll be looking back at 2018 over the next few weeks – but we wanted to kick off the anniversary celebration with a loud THWIP.

It seems crazy that just about a year ago people hadn’t yet had a chance to swing around Marvel’s New York. We’ll always remember that first E3 in 2016, when our teaser trailer surprised fans that we had teamed up with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Marvel Games to put our own spin on one of the most famous fictional characters of all-time. From working to nail web-swinging and acrobatic Spidey combat, to imagining a brand-new Spider-Man universe and storyline, and getting to build our own version of Marvel’s New York – it’s been a wild ride for all of us here.

Keri Honea:

The Marvel’s Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition is (unsurprisingly) the real deal, which includes the base game all of its DLC. Sony has set the price for $39.99. Considering Amazon is selling the base game for around $40 and each DLC costs $9.99, the Game of the Year Edition is quite the deal.

Spider-Man received three different DLC chapters that all fell under the same The City Never Sleeps story arc—The Heist, Turf Wars, and Silver Lining. The Game of the Year Edition includes all three chapters.

From PS Blog:

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition Available Today

Our Take:

Marvel’s Spider-Man GOTY Edition Confirmed, Includes All DLC

Audica PSVRMusic to Your Ears

The studio behind Rock Band and Guitar Hero are ditching the plastic instruments of the PS3 era and embracing the future, or the now, depending on how you look at it, by taking everything they’ve learned about rhythm games and bringing it to virtual reality in Audica. PS VR may have started out light on games but from Firewall Zero Hour to this, there’s just about any kind of game on it

Jessa Brezinski, Product Manager, Harmonix:

At launch, Audica will include four visually stunning arenas, a variety of blasters, a suite of customization options to personalize your gameplay experience, and a campaign to guide you through the 30+ song soundtrack. You can spend your time seeking a trance-like flow state with the music, creating your own local target maps, or using practice mode in your pursuit of FC glory and that coveted #1 spot on the leaderboards. Whatever your reason for donning the headset, you’ll quickly find the real world disappears, leaving only you, the ethereal world of Audica, and the music.

Audica has been a been a passion project created by a small team of dreamers within Harmonix who set out to answer one very important question: Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel like an action movie star with the coolest soundtrack choreographing everything you do?

Joseph Yaden:

Harmonix, the studio that created Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and a number of other music games will be bringing rhythm shooter Audica to PSVR this fall. Audica, which has been in early access for Oculus Rift and Vive, is a game about earning points by accurately shooting to the beat. The best part is that PlayStation fans won’t have to wait long to play it.

Of course, what Harmonix game is complete without a fantastic soundtrack to round things out? The studio has announced over 20 songs, with lots more to come from artists like Deadmau5, Donna Summer, and Dragonforce. The soundtrack will lean into the EDM and pop genre, and has been carefully crafted to match the visuals and gameplay style. The studio will be updating the community with the full soundtrack, price, and other details in the coming months, so stay tuned for that.

From PS Blog:

Harmonix’s Rhythm Shooter Audica Comes to PS VR This Fall

Our Take:

Grab Your Headsets! Harmonix’s Rhythm Shooter Audica Is Coming to PSVR This Fall

spyro crash team racing

Spyro + Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled = Mayhem

Sure, Mario Kart might not be playable on PlayStation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your fix of go-karting action. With a growing roster of PS characters, loads of colorful levels, and wacky weapons that would make you think Insomniac Games and the team behind Ratchet & Clank had a hand in it,

Thomas Wilson, Co-Studio Head, Beenox:

our favorite part of this season is the track you’ll be racing on, which as you know by now is something that can be played online and locally from this season onward. We know you’ve been asking for it and we can finally reveal some details behind the creation of our favorite purple dragon’s track: Spyro Circuit. Spyro Circuit is a celebration of all things dragon. The design takes it inspiration from Spyro the Dragon all the way down to the gameplay ingredients themselves. We’re excited to give you the first deep dive, and the insider racing tips, for this scaled up course! With that said, let’s glide in!

Keri Honea:

A new Grand Prix season starts in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled on August 30, 2019, and it stars none other than the adorable Spyro the Dragon. The Spyro & Friends Grand Prix is absolutely free to all CTR Nitro-Fueled racers. In this season, Spyro, Hunter, and Gnasty Gnorc will be unlockable characters along with some new karts, such as the Spyromobile and the Gnasty Ride.

In addition, players can unlock new decals, stickers, and decals for their vehicles, as well as new character skins. Two of these new skins include Dark Spyro and Gnome Velo.

From PS Blog:

Spyro Glides into CTR Nitro-Fueled in New Grand Prix

Our Take:

Spyro Crashing Into Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled With New Grand Prix Season

agent a a puzzle in disguise release date

It’s A Cat And Mouse Game

Tired of shooting, racing, or farming your way through a game? If that hits a little too close to home, then it’s time to put your noggin to use in Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise, a brand new and original puzzler game on PS4.

Mark White, Director, Yak & Co:

Your mission (should you choose to accept) is to infiltrate enemy spy Ruby La Rouge’s secret hideaway and put a stop to her evil plans. If you’ve ever played an escape room, you’ll know what to do!

Notice something strange or out of place? Making mental notes and observations (like a good secret agent) will aid you in solving tricky puzzles later on. As you explore Ruby’s secret lair, collecting objects and using them cleverly is crucial in unlocking a trail of puzzles leading you ever closer to your target.

The puzzles in Agent A place a big emphasis on logic. You won’t be finding a gopher to unlock a microwave in Agent A (although that does sound kinda fun). You will, however, come across a couple of quirky characters including Trevor the mouse and a snappy bird named Günther…

Brianna Reeves:

In Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise, players assume the role of Agent A who infiltrates an enemy spy’s secret compound. The enemy spy, Ruby La Rouge, did not make such a job easy, however. To successfully foil La Rouge’s evil machinations, Agent A will need to get past a labyrinth of complex puzzles. While all of the puzzles are logic-based, players will still need to take close note of the environment. Remembering observations from earlier in the game may, in fact, aid in solving enigmas that crop up later down the line.

During A Puzzle in Disguise, Agent A will have plenty to work through. In total, the title features 35 unique environments, all available for the player to explore. There are well over 100 puzzles in need of solving, as well. About 100 of them are apparently “inventory-based,” according to the game’s official page on the PlayStation website. The remaining 50 puzzles or so include “puzzle screens.”

From PS Blog:

Suave Secret Agent Adventure Agent A Sneaks onto PS4 Tomorrow

Our Take:

Solve Logic-Based Puzzles in Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise Due Out Tomorrow

Dig Dig Dig With A Shovel Or A Pick. In A Mine! In A Mine! In A Mine! In A Mine! Where A Million Diamonds Shine!

You might have to fall in a deep slumber until Shovel Knight Dig arrives, but rest assured that you’re not dreaming. Yacht Club Games has an all new game that’s been in the works for more than a year. If you’re feeling at all nostalgic or just hate 1080p or 4K, then this sprite-based game could fix what ails you. Just make sure to bring your sense of humor along.

David D’Angelo, Developer, Yacht Club Games:

When Drill Knight and his dastardly digging crew blast apart Shovel Knight’s peaceful campsite and steal his loot, he grabs his trusty Shovel Blade and starts tunneling after them! Meet new friends and foes, visit strange lands, and outfit yourself in your quest to keep the entire land from collapsing underfoot! Jump, slash, and dig your way down an ever-changing chasm of mystery in Shovel Knight Dig, an all-new Shovel Knight adventure!

An all-new presentation featuring a new Shovel Knight story! When Drill Knight and his dastardly digging crew blast apart Shovel Knight’s peaceful campsite and steal his loot, he grabs his trusty Shovel Blade and starts tunneling after them!

The first Shovel Knight adventure in glorious high color pixel graphics and sound. Fluid animation, scaling, rotation, and parallax create the most convincing Shovel Knight world yet!

Keri Honea:

Also new is direction the Shovel Knight is heading: downward. He’ll jump and slash with his Shovel Blade as he’s always done before, but now he has new, sweet digging moves, such as his new Speed Shovel mechanics.

As the Shovel Knight burrows into the earth, he will acquire more riches, find new items, and obtain new upgrades for all of his equipment. He’ll also meet new Knights, such as the deadly Spore Knight, who uses mushrooms to hold open the Mushroom Mines for the Drill Knight and his crew of Hexcavators.

While everything seems to be new in Shovel Knight Dig, Yacht Club Games promises that Dig will have the storytelling, humor, and “maybe even some familiar faces” that Shovel Knight fans have come to love.

From PS Blog:

Shovel Knight Dig Announced for PS4, First Details

Our Take:

Everyone’s Favorite Knight With a Shovel Returns in Shovel Knight Dig

September PS+ Games

Starting next week, two new games will be available to PS+ members for free. So if you haven’t already downloaded August’s free games, WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4, make sure you do so before they go away.

Matthew Groizard, Content Producer, SIEE:

Don Batman’s cowl and stalk the rooftops of Arkham City, or unleash your inner fury in the savage third chapter of the Darksiders series, in your next batch of PlayStation Plus monthly games, available to download starting Tuesday, September 3rd.

From PS Blog:

PlayStation Plus Free Games for September: Batman: Arkham Knight, Darksiders 3

Our Take:

September’s PS Plus Offerings Include a Batman Adventure and Darksiders III

All Right, Stop, Collaborate, and Listen. Ice is Back With My Brand New Invention.

Online multi-player? Check. Hack and slash with magic? Check. A large world to roam? Check. And a monster of boss? Check and check. While an MMO like Final Fantasy XIV might be a lot of game to sink your teeth into, Monster Hunter: World delivers on a similar scale with epic battles without the monthly subscription cost.

Yuri Araujo, Manager, Social Media & Community, Capcom U.S.A.:

As the Iceborne launch draws near, we naturally start looking back at the journey thus far, starting with launch of the base game Monster Hunter: World back in 2018, and we really wanted to thank you for being a part of our community and playing a big role in shaping the game we have today. If you’ve watched our Developer Diaries and recent trailers, you’ll see that a lot of what’s in the game was directly influenced by fan feedback, from small things, like a “Take All” button on the reward screen, to big things, like the return of the fan-favorite thunder wolf wyvern, Zinogre! […]

Additionally, because all the creatures in Monster Hunter are designed to feel grounded in some form of reality, Zinogre also has a very interesting physiology, which gives background explanation for its awe-inspiring electric powers. It all starts from the yellow-brown carapace, known as “Zinogre Shocker,” that covers Zinogre’s body; they have lipids capable of generating electricity, which in turn is stored and amplified by the “Zinogre Shockfur,” the white fur you can see across its neck, chest and at the base of its legs.

And the final piece of this puzzle comes in the form of small bugs charged with thunder element: Fulgurbugs. These little fellas amplify the electricity stored on Zinogre’s Shockfur even further, lighting up the Zinogre Shockers with a blue and white glow, and allowing the fanged wyvern to reach its supercharged state. It’s actually really cool to see this happen in real-time, changing the rhythm of battle and increasing risk of faints. Needless to say, watch out for that!

To complement this formidable creature, the Guild has built stunning gear blueprints from Zinogre parts. The classic armor set designs return with tweaks to their asymmetric silhouette, and abilities that will surely channel memories of hunting Zinogre.

From PS Blog:

Zinogre Returns in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, New Beta Features Velkhana

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

My good friend and all around nice guy, Justin, has put together an awesome post on the PS Blog on how to improve your photo taking skills in Spider-Man. Photo Mode has been an extremely popular aspect of PS4 exclusives, but getting the perfect shot can be tricky. In his guide, Justin gives some great advice on how to charge a bit extra for your work at the Daily Bugle. PARKERRRR!!

Justin Massongill, Social Media Manager, SIEA:

Has it already been a year since Marvel’s Spider-Man webbed up our hearts? I’ve been a lifelong fan of the ol’ wall-crawler, so since Insomniac’s acclaimed adventure first point-launched onto PS4 I’ve been beside myself swinging through the city, putting a stop to crimes both big and small… and stopping every five minutes to bust out my camera.

Even after locking down the game’s Platinum Trophy, I’ve made quite the habit of hopping back in from time to time not only to let off some steam with a quick swing through NYC, but to flex my photographic muscles with the superb Photo Mode Insomniac baked into Marvel’s Spider-Man.

There are three broad ideas I try to keep in mind when getting into the Photo Mode mindset in any game, and they certainly apply here as well. Let’s call them Lights, Camera, and Action.

From PS Blog:

How to Take More Pictures of Spider-Man (in Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4)

la-mulana console collection

OG Puzzler Meets OG Graphics

Ever dreamt about being an archaeologist while searching for the Secret Treasure of Life? In that same dream, did you wish graphics had never surpassed the NES, and that you were Indiana Jones, but not quite? If that’s you, boy is this game going to make you happy.

Erin Kim, Public Relations Coordinator, NIS America:

La-Mulana 1 & 2 taps into the excitement of exploring the unknown and challenging your reflexes and puzzle-solving skills! Slay monsters and solve diabolical traps in this non-linear puzzle-platformer from indie superteam Nigoro, now available for the first time as a physical collection on PS4! We prepared a beginner’s guide for series newcomers who dare explore the ancient ruins rumored to be the origin of civilization itself. Without further ado, let’s get to the Top 5 Tips for Surviving La-Mulana 1 & 2!

From PS Blog:

La-Mulana 1 & 2 – A Beginner’s Guide

Our Take:

La-Mulana 1 & 2 Are Coming to Consoles Early Next Year

You Get A Discount! And You Get A Discount! And You Over There, You Get A Discount!

If you’re looking to catch up on some past games you may have missed, a big discount just hit the PlayStation Store.

Brian Fujimoto, Manager, Digital Games Business, SIEA:

Cancel those weekend plans, PlayStation Store has a Flash Sale on the horizon with savings up to 50 percent – and we’re leaking a peek at the incoming bounty.

Buckle up with the Bandicoot in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, prepare for morphin time with Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, and get ready to throw chin music with the greats in MLB The Show 19: All-Star Edition.

Brianna Reeves:

An all-new flash sale has gone live on the PlayStation Store, bringing steep discounts to a number of titles. The flash sale just kicked off this morning and will come to an end early next week on Monday, September 2nd. Games with marked down prices include the likes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Complete Edition, a couple of Hitman experiences, MLB The Show 19, and many more.

From PS Blog:

Flash Sale! Up To 50% Off This Weekend

Our Take:

Latest PSN Flash Sale Discounts The Witcher 3, Hitman Games, and More

PARKER, I Want Those Photos On My Desk By NOON!

Something really cool that Kristen is spearheading on PS Blog is highlighting community in-game photo captures. Each week, she puts out a new challenge/theme and gamers can partake by posting their photos online, using the hashtags mentioned below. This week’s theme was all about the hair.

Kristen Zitani, Social Media Specialist, SIEA:

Last week, we asked you to zero in on the luscious locks of your favorite gaming characters. From braided updos to and textured curls to muddy mops and brash beards, we scoured #PS4share and #PSBlog for this week’s hair-raising highlights:

From PS Blog:

Share of the Week – Hair

Risk of rain 2 ps4

The 2D Game Gains An Extra Dimension

Congrats! You made it all the way to the end of the very first ‘This Week On PS Blog.’ Your reward is knowing everything about Risk of Rain 2, a game that launched on Steam for PC/Mac way back when PS4 was just about to arrive. Now, I’ll let these gents make it rain with info about the game.

Nathaniel Wattenmaker, Brand Manager, Gearbox Publishing:

Now, Risk of Rain 2 marks the return of 2013’s classic roguelike, but adds a whole new dimension. While the first game was a 2D action game, Risk of Rain 2 is a fully 3D title. That means some things are pretty different, but one of our goals was actually to keep the core moment-to-moment gameplay feeling similar and authentic to the original title. […]

As one of a cast of sci-fi survivors, drop onto a beautiful but foreboding planet and blast your way to an escape. Enemies, loot, and mysteries abound in this multiplayer roguelike that’s absolutely stuffed to the seams with places to see, items to unlock, and baddies to blow up. Grab some friends in four player online co-op, stack up some items, and try to survive the wildlife.

When you land in Risk of Rain 2, the enemies will likely kick your butt, but in a fair way. Pay close attention and you’ll see patterns everywhere. You learn. You grow. You get better. Eventually taking down enormous bosses to push ever deeper into the planet’s mysteries.

Jordan Boyd:

Risk of Rain 2 originally launched on PC via Steam Early Access in late March. Despite being an Early Access title, the game felt like a complete experience and was praised by critics and fans alike. The version available on PS4 is in the same state as the PC version so it’s technically still in Early Access. Updates will likely come down the line at the same time as the PC version of the game.

Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike third-person shooter where you and up to four other players can scavenge various maps fighting enemies and bosses while collecting loot powerups in the process. Each playthrough will be different with new levels, bosses, enemies, and loot. Like other games in the genre, players can expect some tough challenges and powerful loot that’ll buff their character abilities.

From PS Blog:

Surprise! Roguelike Darling Risk of Rain 2 Drops on PS4 Today

Our Take:

Risk of Rain 2 Gets a Surprise Launch on PS4 Today

Podcast Time

After a few weeks apart, the PlayStation Blogcast had their whole roster together again. If podcasts are your thing, listen to Sid Shuman, Justin Massongill, Kristen Zitani, and Tim Turi talk about:

  • Firewall Zero Hour
  • Predator: Hunting Grounds
  • Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection
  • Erica
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
  • Control
  • An avalanche of listener letters

Oh, and some Final Fantasy geekery takes place mid episode that’s worth the listen alone. Oh Squall, you handsome man, you. Sorry, block-faced Cloud.

From PS Blog:

PlayStation Blogcast 342: Blastin’ & Bustin’