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To Celebrate the One-Year Anniversary, Firewall Zero Hour Gets a 6-Day Free Trial

August 28th will mark Firewall Zero Hour’s one-year anniversary. To celebrate the speed with which time flies, the team over at First Contact Entertainment has a treat for PlayStation VR owners who have yet to give the title a try. Starting on August 28th, a free trial for Firewall Zero Hour will go live. The trial will come to an end six days later on September 2nd, and only those who are active PlayStation Plus subscribers are eligible to participate.

Firewall Zero Hour Game Director Damoun Shabestari said that, during the trial period, players will even have access to the content from the August 13th update. The latest update included the Operation: Dark Web content that debuted new weapons, additional pieces of tactical equipment, near weekly missions, and more. Firewall Zero Hour’s upcoming free trial will also happen alongside a Double XP Event, allowing players to level up at a much quicker pace.

In addition to detailing what to expect from the free trial period, Shabestari shared quite a few interesting statistics. Apparently, as of August 13th, fans have spent well over four million hours playing through Firewall Zero Hour. The game’s community has a few other impressive statistics attached to it as well. See a full rundown in the list below, courtesy of Shabestari’s PS Blog post:

  • You’ve played over 4,028,896 total hours!
  • You’ve eliminated over 26,833,576 enemies!
  • Your top three chosen Contractors are Texas, Red, and Skip!
  • Your top three chosen maps are Compound, District, and Hotel!
  • Your top three chosen weapons are Taylor X-75, Spitfire, and Taylor X-75 CQB!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]