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firewall zero hour free trial

PS Plus Subscribers Can Access a Free Trial for Firewall Zero Hour This Weekend

The free trial will be live from January 18th to January 20.

firewall zero hour dlc 3

The Latest Batch of Firewall Zero Hour DLC Brings a New Map

You won’t be able to “contain” yourself with this new map!

Here Are Firewall Zero Hour Tips From the Devs Themselves

The best people to get advice from.

firewall zero hour dlc

Grab Some Firewall Zero Hour DLC This Month

The DLC pack launches this month.

Firewall Zero Hour Update

Firewall: Zero Hour Developer Offers 10 Tips for New Players

Expect plenty of post-launch support.

Firewall: Zero Hour and Madden 19 Dominated Digital Sales in August 2018

People love guns and football.

firewall zero hour ps4 review

Firewall Zero Hour Review – Intense Immersive Action (PS4)

Lock and load your Aim Controller!

PS Aim Controller Mod

Firewall: Zero Hour Fans Are Showing Off Aim Controller Mods

Aiming to make improvements

Firewall Zero Hour release date revealed

Firewall: Zero Hour Coming August 28 on PSVR

It’s all about teamwork in VR, they say.

Firewall Zero Hour PSX Hands-On: A Tactical Multiplayer Shooter in VR

Breach and clear!