firewall zero hour free trial

PS Plus Subscribers Can Access a Free Trial for Firewall Zero Hour This Weekend

For PlayStation Plus subscribers who own a PlayStation VR unit and have yet to give Firewall Zero Hour a try, something pretty significant is on the horizon. The game will receive a free trial from January 18-20. Based on the trailer relaying the news, it seems this limited time offer may grant players access to the full game, as opposed to a demo version. During the trial, all 12 of the game’s mercenaries will be at the player’s disposal.

In teams of up to eight, Firewall Zero Hour tasks players with either attacking enemies to access a laptop, or protecting the laptop from incoming adversaries. Regardless of the mercenary’s position on the battlefield, teamwork is integral to success. As such, this is not a tactical shooter in name alone.

Even prior to its August 2018 release, Firewall Zero Hour was receiving its fair share of praise. The momentum didn’t slow when the tactical shooter finally launched, either. Despite less than stellar graphics, our review of the title applauded its immersive action and how well the Aim Controller assisted with the overall experience.

Firewall Zero Hour’s victories don’t stop there. The game hit the ground running in August 2018, becoming PlayStation VR’s most-downloaded title for the month. Since then, developer First Contact Entertainment has continuously supported the game with post-launch updates. So far, this content features a DLC pack for new items, skins, and weapons, and recent DLC that added even more skins, trinkets, and a brand-new map to the VR title.

Those looking to get the most out of Firewall Zero Hour’s trial experience may want to check out tips and advanced techniques from the development team.