firewall zero hour dlc

Grab Some Firewall Zero Hour DLC This Month

PlayStation VR is celebrating its second year on the market. The milestone’s celebration has already kicked off, thanks to new PSVR-specific announcements. One reveal in particular will excite Firewall Zero Hour fans, as developer First Contact Entertainment plans to release a new DLC pack soon. Fortunately, soon is only a few days away. Firewall Zero Hour’s DLC goes live on October 16, 2018.

The PlayStation Blog shared the news in a PlayStation VR second anniversary post. Firewall Zero Hour’s DLC pack “unlocks new items and skins to customize your character and weapons for a completely new style of play.” Details about item specifics and the look of skins have not yet been revealed. Similarly, pricing for the DLC pack remains unknown.

Another incredible reveal to come out of the PSVR celebration is Borderlands 2 VR. The beloved Gearbox title hits the platform in December 2018, costing those interested in returning to Pandora $49.99 USD. Borderlands 2 VR news counts as both exciting and surprising. Yet, Gearbox’s support of the sequel on PlayStation Vita was bound to ensure it made the jump to virtual reality.

Sony also announced the coming release of a free Astro Bot Rescue Mission demo for PlayStation VR. Like the Firewall Zero Hour DLC, the demo arrives on PSN on October 16th.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]