Borderlands 2 Coming to PlayStation VR Later This Year as Series Celebrates 10 Years

The long beloved Borderlands series has been around for nearly a decade, and to mark the momentous occasion, 2K and Gearbox announced that Borderlands 2 VR will be coming to PlayStation VR on December 14, 2018. Featuring the full game for $49.99, Borderlands 2 VR is optimized for headset play.

Enhanced for the virtual reality experience, players will get the opportunity to visit Pandora in the most immersive Borderlands experience yet. As you take on the role of one of the four main vault hunters, you’ll get up and close with Pandora’s special brand of crazy, like suicidal psychos and the nasty skags that want to eat your face for breakfast. Vehicles will also be driven from a first-person perspective, maintaining that immersion throughout the entire game’s experience.

Borderlands 2 VR is a single-player only experience that doesn’t include the series’ usual online multiplayer component to play with your friends. Single-player’s not all bad, as Borderlands 2 VR will feature Bad Ass Mega Fun Time (or BAMF Time, for short), which will allow players to slow down time in the game world to prepare their next assault against the game’s myriad enemies, including psychos, bullymongs, skags, and more.

Each of the four character classes has been reworked with “unique combat styles and updated skills that leverage the new VR functionality, including the new BAMF Time ability.” Specifically, the skills that previously relied on having co-op partners now enhance BAMF Time in a variety of ways. Gearbox has been working hard to not only make the game compatible with a headset, but to actually feel naturally at home on the platform.

Motion controllers and the DualShock 4 will be supported, but it’s not clear if the Aim controller is included within that. Menus have been reworked in a “new and intuitive way for the platform.” Players will be able to navigate through the menus by “pointing, clicking, dragging. and dropping.” There are also multiple movement styles to enhance comfort and/or immersion, depending on if players want to use traditional VR teleport controls, or actually walk around Pandora.

One unknown right now is if Borderlands 2 VR will include any of the DLC expansions as part of its experience or just the base Borderlands 2 game, which is still a massive amount of content for a virtual reality looter shooter.

Borderlands 2 VR releases December 14, 2018 for $49.99 exclusively on PlayStation VR.  Preordering the game will grant instant access to a dynamic PS4 theme featuring the game’s four main vault hunters.