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The Latest Batch of Firewall Zero Hour DLC Brings a New Map

First Contact Entertainment’s Firewall Zero Hour has taken over the PSVR world since its release in August 2018. Any good shooter lives and dies by its post-launch support, and Firewall Zero Hour is no slouch. The third batch of DLC will come to Firewall Zero Hour on December 18, 2018 and bring new skins, trinkets, and an all-new map.

The newest map is known as “Containment,” and it takes place in an abandoned lab in Greenland. Specializing in viruses and deadly strains of bacteria, this map is full of unexpected surprises. It’s also filled with wide spaces and narrow hallways, giving you numerous ways to strategize. The addition of Containment brings the total number of maps to ten.

Check out the new map in action here:

But that’s not all of the additions coming to Firewall Zero Hour. You can get your hands on four new clothing and weapon patterns, which are Hologram, Banana, Amphibious, and Dark Carbon. Also available are the Pigskin, Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer Ball trinkets. Finally, three new patches will be added: Medic, Samurai, and Triggered.

In addition to content updates, Firewall Zero Hour will also see some technical improving, including changes to matchmaking. You’ll also be able to chat with teammates during loading screens.

PlayStation Plus members can also get a new holiday-themed trinket. The 2018 Ornament Trinket is now available for free for all PS Plus members until January 5, 2019. With it, you’ll always be able to show your holiday spirit in Firewall Zero Hour.

Our review of Firewall Zero Hour called it an “intense, immersive experience.” And According to Shuhei Yoshida, it is indicative of other games coming to the PSVR platform.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]