Get New Maps, Missions, and More in Firewall Zero Hour’s Operation: Dark Web Tomorrow

On August 13, 2019, First Contact Entertainment plans to unleash new content for PlayStation VR’s Firewall Zero Hour. The new season of content, Operation: Dark Web, will bring with it new cosmetic rewards, almost weekly missions, a range of additional weapons and equipment, and much more. While some of the content will be free of charge, those who want access to everything can purchase the Dark Web Op Pass for $9.99.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Firewall Zero Hour’s Game Director Damoun Shabestari shared a pretty in-depth overview of everything coming to the new season. See the roadmap of what to expect from Operation: Dark Web in the graphic featured below:

Firewall Zero Hour Operation Dark Web

With Operation: Dark Web, Firewall Zero Hour will debut brand-new tactical equipment for the first time since the game’s launch in August 2018. This new equipment will be available to all Firewall Zero Hour players and include an instant smoke grenade and a motion censor. To unlock the new grenade, players must be Level 5 and ready to spend 3,200 Crypto. Meanwhile, the motion censor is reserved for Level 13 players and those willing to give up 7,500 Crypto.

After finishing the related free missions, players will unlock two new weapons during Operation: Dark Web–the Z1 Reaper and the Sten. The former arrives Week 1, while the latter won’t launch until Week 5 of the season.

Additional unlockables include a Legendary Weapon Skin and new cosmetic rewards. However, PS Plus players will receive a rather special item. Partnering with Bend Studio, First Contact has announced a free Days Gone trinket will be available later in the season for PS Plus members. With this trinket, Firewall Zero Hour fans can decorate their weapon with the Mongrel MC logo, which should be familiar to anyone who knows a thing or two about the motorcycle club Deacon once called his family.

Firewall Zero Hour will also welcome two free maps. The first, Newsroom, will go live tomorrow. Set in Australia, the Newsroom addition counts as the game’s 13th map overall. For now, there’s no word on when the second map will arrive, but First Contact is already teasing something special with its title–Cargo.

For those with the Dark Web Op Pass, a new contractor will launch tomorrow. A second contractor will arrive on an unspecified date “mid-season.” The contractor launching tomorrow goes by Kane and was formerly with the New Zealand Special Air Service. He’ll come equipped with the “Blade” skill, allowing players to “throw knives by pressing the melee button.” Kane’s debut will bring something new to the equation, thanks to the ability to throw upwards of three knives.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]