Firewall Zero Hour Free Weekend for PS Plus Members Announced

PS Plus Members Can Try Out Firewall Zero Hour for Free This Weekend

Firewall Zero Hourthe tactical mutiplayer virtual reality shooter from First Contact Entertainment, will allow PlayStation Plus subscribers to try out the game for free once again this weekend. If you’ve been waiting to try it out before picking it up, now is a great time to get your hands on the game and give it a shot. The free trial will last until June 30, 2019, giving players enough time to hop on and play with friends. Since a double XP event is also in effect, you can even earn some extra XP in the process.

Firewall Zero Hour launched in August 2018 for the PlayStation VR and lets up to eight players, spread out into two teams of four, use tactics and teamwork to fight one another. There are plenty of playable Operators for players to choose from, each with their own skills, as well as a large selection of weapons that can be customized and equipped with camouflage. With enemies lurking around every corner, players will need to keep their wits about them and work closely with their teammates to ensure victory is swift, and decisive.

Most recently, Firewall Zero Hour saw the addition of the Operation: Nightfall update, which added various new things into the game. These included the Op-Pass, Missions, Rewards, a new Operator, and a new Map, giving long-time players even more reasons to keep going back.

The game also received two new Operators with its fourth DLC. The first Operator, Jag, has the ability to use mines, allowing players to set a trap for enemies. The second Operator, Node, can explode C4 after death, giving players the ability to provide support from beyond the grave.

Will you be trying out the free weekend for Firewall Zero Hour? Perhaps you’ll be taking advantage of the double XP weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]