Firewall Zero Hour Update

Firewall Zero Hour Gets New Contractors and a Ton of Other Content in DLC #4

This team-based, multiplayer, PSVR shooter just keeps getting bigger with Firewall Zero Hour’s fourth installment of DLC available for purchase tomorrow. Fans can expect new weapons, new clothing, new weapon camo, new trinkets, and two new contractors: Jag and Node, each with their own unique skill.

Jag’s Ambush skill allows you to bring three mines into battle, creating more opportunities for your team to trip up the Attackers. The Ambush skill can be equipped to any Contractor once you’ve reached level 31 and for 25,000 Crypto.

Node, on the other hand, has an Afterlife skill that allows you to detonate your planted C4 from the support feed. This means even after you die you can help out your team. The Afterlife skill can be equipped to any Contractor once you’ve reached level 43 and for 35,000 Crypto.

Below is a complete look at everything that’s included in Firewall Zero Hour’s DLC #4.

  • The 9MM Stinger (SMG) (Unlocked at Level 24 / Crypto 24,000)
  • The JA-300 (AR) (Unlocked at Level 42 / Crypto 42,000)
  • The H5 Hornet (AR) (Unlocked at Level 50 / Crypto 42,000)
  • New Face Paints:
    • Kiwi
    • Eagle
    • Spider
    • Janus
  • New Clothing and Weapon Camo patterns:
    • Geometric
    • Lava
    • Circuit
    • Splinter
  • New Trinkets – Available as a pack:
    • Lil’ Nala
    • Lil’ Okoro
    • Lil’ Skip
    • Lil’ Diaz

PS Plus members can also grab a free Lil’ Diaz Trinket in the PlayStation Store as long as they redeem it by March 14, 2019. Firewall Zero Hour is available now on the PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]