Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour Dev Working on “Unannounced Title” for PSVR 2

First Contact Entertainment, the developer for the successful PSVR game Firewall Zero Hour, is working on an unannounced game for PSVR 2, opening up the possibility that it may be a sequel or another multiplayer shooter.

Could First Contact Entertainment be making a Firewall Zero Hour sequel?

Damoun Shabestari, game director for the studio, reveals on his LinkedIn page (as found by Faizan Shaikh on Twitter, posted below) that he is currently working on an “Unannounced Title” for PSVR 2. Shabestari is also creating additional seasonal content for the original Firewall Zero Hour, which is currently in Season 9 called Operation Rogue Tide.

This news follows naturally after First Contact Entertainment posted job listings for several positions asking for new employees who want to create the next generation of VR. In fact, at the time of this writing, the developer has two full-time job positions open, one for Level Designer and another for Mission Designer, with the description for the Level Designer listing asking for someone willing to tackle “the challenges of creating the next generation of VR.”

Fans hearing about the unannounced title on the PS5 Reddit have responded fairly well, with some hoping that it will be a Firewall Zero Hour sequel or at least something similar to it. With the power of the PSVR 2 headset and the PS5, they want to see a multiplayer shooter which fixes some of the issues of the original game, including the long lobby wait times and only single-round matches.

Released in 2018, Firewall Zero Hour was one of the strongest games for PSVR on PS4, earning a current Metacritic score of 79. Our review by Paulmichael Contreras gave the game an 8.5/10 with it showing “the potential for the world of VR games” and solid use of the Aim Controller.

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