This Week On PS Blog – An Intro to the Weekly Recap

Hey PS LifeStyle readers, Sohrab here with an all new weekly series: This Week on PS Blog. For those of you who are unfamiliar with me and my work, I’m the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sony Reconsidered, formerly SonyRumors. After owning the original NES (because who didn’t?) I skipped gaming consoles until the original PlayStation launched and haven’t looked back. Lining up at each console launch, including the PSPgo, PlayStation has been a part of my life in both big and small ways nearly every day and through it, I’ve met some incredible people – including fans and execs.

This Week On PS Blog

So what the heck is this series? I’m glad you asked. For those watching PlayStation closely, you will have likely noticed a shift in their marketing strategy over the past couple of years. Prior to the launch of PS4, Sony mainly relied on outside outlets and conventions to get the word out about their latest games and hardware, but all of that changed this generation. As an example, PlayStation opted to skip E3 2019 and one reason behind that is PlayStation Blog and their social media channels.

Sony in gaming now commands such a large audience that oftentimes, they utilize their own social networks and blog to break news or write in depth posts about games, like Justin Massongill, Social Media Manager, SIEA, did with Editors’ Choice: FFXIV Shadowbringers Takes the MMO to New Heights. In short, the PS Blog is no longer a place for fluff pieces around PlayStation and instead acts as a fully functional editorial team with unique takes and breaking news.

With so much happening on the PS Blog and social channels amongst the countless sites and personalities that we all follow, staying on top of even gaming news can at times be a chore. Enter “This Week On PS Blog,” which is meant to act as a recap of everything that’s taken place on the blog. While I’m sure the series will evolve over time, here’s the short of it: this will be a place where you can come every weekend to find the important news and content from the PlayStation Blog with a quick recap of them as well as links to takes from PS LifeStyle on the same subjects.

Why Bring it to PS LifeStyle?

Now you might ask yourselves why I might be bringing this series to this site as opposed to my own site, which is a fair and wonderful question. The truth of it is audience – on my own site, while I cover gaming, I’m often writing editorial takes on Sony/PlayStation as a company, on top of their countless hardware releases. What the team at PlayStation LifeStyle does so well is give you the latest news on gaming, daily. That is damn hard.

With this series, you’ll now get the latest news and editorial pieces from PlayStation Blog, as well as content from their social channels in one place that will be put alongside writing from the team here at PSLS. As Thanos so perfectly put it:

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

I’m extremely delighted/excited/anxious to start this series and see where it goes. This is where you’ll come in – if  you have ideas, suggestions, and whatever else, I want to hear from you, so make sure to chime in on the comments section or send me a tweet @SonyRumors. Oh, and cat pics/GIFS are always welcome if you can’t think of anything to say.