Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX Will Return in a New Capcom Collection

Capcom will be releasing yet another collection based on the Blue Bomber, but this time the collection will focus on Zero. Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection will include six games: Mega Man Zero, Mega Man Zero 2, Mega Man Zero 3, Mega Man Zero 4, Mega Man ZX, and Mega Man ZX Advent. The game was first spotted over on the PlayStation Store in Hong Kong with an announcement trailer and release date. This will be the fifth collection of games from Capcom, following Mega Man Legacy Collection, Legacy Collection 2, Mega Man X Legacy Collectionand Legacy Collection 2. 

Mega Man Zero will be most familiar to fans of the Mega Man X series. The games are platformers with the conventional boss battles fans have become accustomed to throughout the series’ history. Of course, Zero plays a bit differently when compared to his counterpart, Mega Man. The Zero series got its start on the Game Boy Advance, so this will be the first time fans will get the chance to go hands-on with them on a home console.

Mega Man ZX got its start on the Nintendo DS and takes place sometime after the Mega Man Zero titles. The game follows entirely different characters, but the overall gameplay loop is still very familiar. If you’ve been dying to get more into some extensive Mega Man lore, you’ll definitely want to pick up this collection.

Some additional features that will be in the collection include the ability to switch between higher quality filters and the original pixel art. The game will also include an art gallery, where you can browse some original illustrations and listen to a collection of music from all six games. Given the nature of the Nintendo DS, the dual-screen controls will be making a return in Mega Man ZX and its sequel. A new casual mode will be included for players looking to just experience the story, and it’ll make the game much easier and allow for instantaneous save points. One of the more exciting features comes in the form of a new mode called Z-Chaser, which will have players compete with one another locally to reach the end of a stage quicker.

According to the leaked trailer, the game will be arriving on the PS4 in Japan on January 21, 2020.