Gran Turismo 5 Crashes into Mechanical Damage in Latest Patch

As Kazunori Yamauchi promised, another big patch has hit the equally large Gran Turismo 5. The game has already seen its fair share of big patches, and this one is no different with a massive 149MB of game changes.

Fire up your PlayStation 3 because patch v1.03 is now available for Gran Turismo 5. As wanted by fans, an option for mechanical damage has been added to the settings for online races, with each of the following offerings:

  • “None” – No mechanical damage.
  • “Light” – Mechanical parts can be damaged, but will “automatically be repaired after a short time has passed.”
  • “Heavy” – Mechanical damage will be more severe, and can only be repaired by making a pit stop. Damaged parts will be indicated with on-screen icons.

We’re certain that other changes have also been implemented, and we’ll be sure to include them once the full list of changes are announced which will likely be by Kazunori Yamuchi himself.