Ron Gilbert Would have Changed Deathspank

December 6, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

This year, gamers were treated to a nice surprise in the form of Deathspank. It released to such high praise from critics and gamers that we got a second helping just two months later. Everything about Deathspank was captivating, from the humor, to the gorgeous environments – gamers loved it all. Although it was well received, the combat was kind of basic, and we felt there was some room for improvement. We weren’t the only ones that felt that way.

Ron Gilbert — who helped create Deathspank and is the man behind Monkey Island — felt like even though Deathspank was a success, if he could go back and redo it, he would make the combat more puzzle based. He had this to say in an interview with Wired:

I probably would have made battling a little more intellectual, So it wasn’t just about hacking through a bunch of enemies, but more like treating combat as if it was a puzzle to be solved.

He then cited Dragon Age as a game that he did enjoy the combat, not so much the turn based style, but how you needed to be more strategic.

I really like the intellectual component to the combat in Dragon Age. The RPG stuff fits a little more with the adventure game, puzzle-solving pieces of the game

So if there is another Deathspank released in the future, there maybe an improved combat system.