Nathan Drake’s Journal Perfectly Replicated

Every treasure hunter needs information. Whether he gets his tips and tricks from a map, a shady source, or completely by accident, the hunter needs a place to keep it all. Nathan Drake may only be fictional, but it appears that his journal isn’t.

And no, it isn’t an officially licensed product from Naughty Dog. Over on the Replica Prop Forums, user Darth Saber has put together what appears to be the ultimate video game replica: Nathan Drake’s journal from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Taking weeks, if not a few months, Darth Saber worked with others on the RP Forums to recreate painstakingly realistic 50 pages of paper, tickets, coins and drawings by Saber himself. Looking through these pages, they look so good that I thought he must have gotten some clippings from a real textbook! Saber has admitted though that this replica isn’t completely accurate. He’s missing two dried flowers that he’s been searching weeks for, but couldn’t get a hold of. So he just put it together.

Barring that small discrepancy, enjoy one of the coolest video games props ever.