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MAG Update in Deployment

December 9, 2010Written by Tyler Minarik

Good news Massive Action Game fans! Zipper Interactive has fired off yet another update for their epic shooter MAG.  In update 2.10 they not only fixed a few bugs, but added a few new features to improve your experience as well.

Primarily this includes a new “multiqeue” feature that allows players to select multiple game modes to attempt to join while trying to find a game, and also avoid the game types you don’t like. The feature gives a check list allowing you to check off which modes you want, and leave the ones you don’t so you can get to the action quickly. It also includes a new XP reward bonus that increases based on how many game types you’re willing to join.

Another notable feature of the update is the ability to take in-game photos at 720p quality. This is accomplished by bringing up the XMB and finding the proper icon in the photos section. It may still be hard to get action shots desired since its not the fastest method of access, but it is still a cool addition to an already stellar game. Listed below are a few other note worthy changes made to the game:

  • Implemented “Multiqueue” functionality to allow users to queue up for multiple game modes simultaneously
  • Added “Multiqueue” XP bonus modifier that increases as more modes are selected
  • Increased XP to CP-earned ratio to 1.5 CP for every 1 XP
  • Reduced price of Medical Kits to 500 CP from 800 CP
  • Teammates can no longer prevent you from repairing vehicles and objectives when in your line of sight
  • Shortened cooldown times between leadership FRAGOs to 2 seconds from 10 seconds
  • Added “friendly fire” modifier so that allies never receive more than 50% damage when hit by a friendly vehicle
  • Improved item-swap speed
  • Decreased effectiveness of “Marksman Recoil Stability” and “Marksman Steady Aim” skills
  • Improved effectiveness of First Aid Kit and Medical Kit skills, “Self Heal Speed” and “Heal Recharge Rate”
  • Increased effectiveness of “Improved Smoke Screen Rate” skill

For full patch notes, head over to page 2.


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