PlayStation Home Celebrates 2 Years of Virtual Splendor

December 11, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

Sony has just revealed that PlayStation Home, the virtual world that has ensnared millions across the world, is celebrating its two-year anniversary. Since its release on the PlayStation Network 2 years ago, this virtual world has evolved from a barren world to a booming city full of games and gamers.

Jack Buser, Director of PlayStation Home, had this to say on the PS Blog:

In contrast to the handful of simple mini-games offered at launch, we now see a huge variety of games, including massive full-length games developed by some of the most prominent and innovative indie developers in our industry. The experience of PS Home itself has radically improved over the years as well, with faster load times, zero-wait game access, intuitive navigation, and the addition of features such as group-based voice chat and robust inventory management.

To celebrate this occasion Sony has released the following image below detailing the growth of PlayStation Home.