Cross Game Chat – Episode XVII

December 13, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

With the Video Game Awards now behind us, it is time for another Monday edition of Cross Game Chat, the official podcast of PlayStation LifeStyle. Resistant to Microsoft’s charm, but weak against zombies, this podcast is the perfect choice for those out with a sweet tooth for Sony. So check out the links below and give it a listen for a hell of a ride.


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This week the cast talks about the upcoming releases which happen to amount to zero (there aren’t any), along with a PS3 patent for an external processor, the netflix announcement to add more Disney content, and more. The news this week was not as hefty with the Video Game Awards going on and the feature has the crew, joined by legendary Editor-in-Chief Anthony Severino, talking about their winners and losers from the awards show. Throw in some obsessions and listener email and you have the forumla for the atomic bomb a great podcast.

Also this week, another Tester: Season 2 episode down and another cast member has been sent packing. Even though we know it has to happen, it is always sad to see someone go. This week’s guest is:

To see more of War Princess, be sure to check out her Youtube channel:

So give us a listen and as always, if you have any concerns or would like your question read on the podcast, email us at [email protected].