Mortal Kombat’s Special Editions Demands You to ‘Get Over Here’

After a Video Game Awards Show trailer for Mortal Kombat confirmed the inclusion of God of War‘s mighty protagonist Kratos, the marketing machine is well and truly underway from publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. With such excitement surrounding the forthcoming brutal fighter it would be a good time for the publisher to unravel details on the hotly anticipated title. To our surprise, they’ve done just that by announcing a release-window, various different special editions, 3D technology support, and much more.

Warner Bros. has announced that fans can expect Mortal Kombat to be released sometime within April, 2011. When the game does launch it will be available in three different versions; the standard release, a Tournament Edition, and the aptly named Kollector’s Edition. The Tournament Edition – which will be limited to just 20,000 copies in North America – will give a couple of Mortal Kombat incentives including downloadable classic costumes, and a portable fight stick. The Kollector’s Edition will include an art book, enticing Sub-Zero and Scorpion figurines, in addition to exclusive downloadable classic costumes.

The Mortal Kombat content doesn’t stop there, though. Gamers also have a choice in regards to the retailer-specific pre-order incentives. Three major retailers will be offering their own Mortal Kombat-related content. GameStop is giving their customers who buy the game an exclusive classic costume and fatality for Scorpion; Best Buy will be doing the same promotion as GameStop but for Sub-Zero. Amazon, meanwhile, will be giving those who pre-order Mortal Kombat a PlayStation Network code upon the game’s release to gain access to a playable classic Reptile as well as the original Reptile Fatality.