Yamauchi Plans to Pimp Some Standard Rides in Gran Turismo 5

December 16, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

While Gran Turismo 5‘s gameplay is about as good as you’ll ever see, that doesn’t mean the game isn’t without its faults. Fans have been disappointed by the fact that although the game includes the over 1000 advertised cars, roughly 800 of those are lower-quality “standard” models. Thanks to the internet, Polyphony Digital is aware of these concerns and has a plan in-store.

According to the crew over at Andriasang, the upcoming issue of Famitsu magazine includes a special interview with none other than Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi. Even more special is that along with some great upcoming content will be some model conversions from standard to premium. Per Andriasang‘s post:

Gran Turismo 5 has a mix of gloriously detailed “premium” cars and less detailed “standard cars.” In an interview with Famitsu this week, Polyphony prez Kazunori Yamauchi reveals that there are plans in place to upgrade the standard cars to premium status.

There are a ton of cars that I’d like to see go platinum, including the beastly Bugatti Veyron as well as a few of the game’s dozens of race car models like the McLaren F1 GTR ’97. I’m interested to see whether or not these new models will be in the form of a free update or purchasable DLC, hopefully being the former.

Gran Turismo fans, what cars would you like to see go platinum? Let us know in the comments below!