inFAMOUS Lighting Up a Comic Book Store Near You

The original inFAMOUS felt like a comic book come to life, especially with the gorgeous hand-drawn 2D cutscenes. Along with inFAMOUS 2, it looks like there actually will be a comic starring the scruffy antihero.

Sucker Punch Productions and DC Comics are teaming up for the comic sensation of the century. The inFAMOUS comic series will bridge the gap between the first and second games, chronicling the story of the series protagonist Cole MacGrath and his struggle to save Empire City before fleeing to the Southern city of New Marais. Spanning a heart stopping 6 volumes, the series will reveal sinister motives, dark secrets, and introduce a new threat, known only as “The Beast” to Cole and all of mankind.

The cover art of the new series will be drawn by the famed Doug Mahnke, who has illustrated for legendary DC Comic franchises such as Justice League America, Batman, and most recently Green Lantern. The inFAMOUS comic will be available in retailers everywhere as well as the PlayStation Comic Store starting in March 2011. Can’t wait until then? Enjoy the first image of the newly announced series, not that it will curb your appetite any more. Let us know what you think in the comments below.