Another HD PS2 Collection Sneaking Onto PS3

December 21, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

With HD remakes of God of War, Sly Cooper, and Prince of Persia, already released to the masses, the success of remastered games is quite impressive. Well it looks like another collection is coming to the PS3.

The last Splinter Cell on the PS3 was Splinter Cell: Double Agent, which was released way back in 2007. According to CVG, Ubisoft has officially announced the Splinter Cell Trilogy HD as a release for next year. There is no word on what the apparently exclusive  trilogy includes, but considering that the PS2 only had 3 titles from the franchise released on the console it seems safe to assume that it will include Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, and Chaos Theory. There have been rumors about this release for quite some time, and it looks as if gamer’s wishes have finally come true.

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