Tales of Xillia Details Pour In

December 21, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

This week’s publication of Famitsu, the popular Japanese gaming magazine, has new details on the upcoming RPG Tales of Xillia. Big changes are definitely planned by the Namco Tales Studio, with the team looking to move away from some series staples.

One of the biggest changes to the game will be the camera perspective, with it now being positioned over the shoulder of the character instead of a more overhead view. Environments will also see a face-lift with buildings and towns being larger and truer to life in size. A scan for the new camera position is also made available thanks to Siliconera.

The development team is also investing heavily in trying to lower load times and to minimize down time for players. A new combat system is also in the works called ‘Link Mode’. Here, players control a main character, while the other, controlled by AI, will help surround enemies and block.

The magazine also goes on to detail 5 key words featured below:

Liese Maxia – the name of the game world. It has spirits, but only those who’ve been converted to solid form may see them.

Spirit Power – Liese Maxi’s energy source. It is used to power lights, ships, etc.

Spirit Maxwell – the master of spirits. He is sort of a god-like figure who watches over the humans and spirits

La Sugall and A Jule – two of Liese Maxia’s greatest countries, both at war against each other. La Shugall is a great country whose aim is dominance in Liese Maxia. In it lies Il Fan, the world’s largest metropolis and an area where inhabitants can freely use the Spirit Arts. A Jule, a small country, is still considered a developing nation. Their military learns to control monsters, apparently.

So far Tales of Xillia has only been confirmed for Japan but we have high hopes that it will make its way stateside someday.