PSN is About to get a Whole lot Fancier

December 22, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

The PlayStation Network has always been known for its unique games, Flower, flow, and Linger in Shadows to name a few. Continuing this trend, we had a glimpse of another unique PSN title earlier this year, and its bringing some mighty fancy pants.

The Fancy Pants Adventure was a highly entertaining and popular flash-based game. You play as a little stick figure with some very fancy bright orange pants, who makes his way through levels by jumping on platforms, running and sliding across the ground and water. The art style helps separate the game from others, as the world is both basic, yet beautiful at the same time.

Brad Borne, Creator of The Fancy Pants Adventures, stopped by the PSBlog to drop two great treats for us. The first a general release date of Spring 2011, and the second was a website that you can go and try out the game for yourself.