Daily Reaction: The Ultimate Sony E3 2013 Breakdown – Every Possible Announcement, Rumor and Prediction

E3 is right around the corner, so it might be difficult to find information on all of the possible upcoming games based off of rumors and announcements – well not any more. Below you will find every game announced, rumored and speculated for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita that could show up at Sony’s E3 2013 Conference, broken down by likelihood with new information added.

Brought to you by the fine folks at Daily Reaction, Sebastian Moss and Dan Oravasaari.

To make it easier to digest, we’ve segmented each section – page one has every PS4 first party title, page two has every PS4 second party and indie game, page three has all the PS4 hardware and feature news, page four is all about PS3 and page five is Vita. For every multiplatform and third party announcement, check out yesterday’s DR.


First Party:

Dan: The one thing most people are really looking forward to coming into E3 has to be all the TV shows on display, oh, I mean games. Luckily, the PS4 does seem to have a really strong line-up set to release within the console’s launch window, so E3 will definitely be keeping us busy.

First up, we should discuss the games that are confirmed to be at E3. Killzone: Shadow Fall really seems to be at the forefront of Sony’s next-gen launch, so anyone who isn’t tired of hearing about it already should expect to finally see footage from a complete build that uses more of the PS4’s RAM. Evolution Studio’s DriveClub was earlier announced to not only be at E3, but to also be playable – so expect lots of comparisons to Gran Turismo 6. InFamous: Second Son is one of the other major releases for Sony next-gen, so it will definitely get some love during the conference, but whether or not it is playable on the show floor remains to be seen – there will be closed door previews, though. Knack hasn’t been announced to be playable, but given it is one of the few smaller titles announced, it would be odd for it to not be on the show floor.

Lastly, with the recent announcement that Sony Online Entertainment’s DC Universe Online and PlanetSide 2 will be on the PS4 this year, there is a good chance they will be on display at their booth.

Seb: Yeah, Sony already has a pretty large line-up of announced first party games, but the great thing is that there are still more to come. Not all of Sony’s first party studios are working on PS4 games, and not all of those that are are going to be at E3 (there are other events, and many of the games aren’t ready), but there is one studio that is absolutely gearing up for a big reveal – Sony Santa Monica.

Sure, God of War Ascension only recently came out, but Santa Monica has several teams like Naughty Dog. The other main team, likely headed by Stig Asmussen, has been working on a new IP since 2011 at the latest, with job listings saying that there’s shooting, vehicular combat and magic involved. Luckily, we know that the game is going to be revealed as it was listed on Twitch’s line-up. This’ll be a big one, folks.

Guerrilla Games began work on a new IP way back in 2010, so the game should be far enough along to be ready for a reveal, but with Killzone Shadow Fall also coming this holiday, it might be pushed back. Recent trademarks by SCE in the Netherlands suggest the game is called The Order: 1866, so we should end up hearing about this title soon, if not at E3.

Naughty Dog are of course working on a second game outside of The Last of Us DLC/The Last of Us 2, with the Uncharted 3 team almost definitely developing Uncharted 4 for PS4. Again, it’s probably too soon to expect anything, at most a teaser just to make the show all the better – but even that’s unlikely. The VGAs have historically been the home for Naughty Dog reveals, so be sure to look forward to that.

Along with developing Tearaway for the Vita, Media Molecule have some PS4 projects in the works – how many, and how far along they are isn’t known, but we may get a better look at their clay penis maker game.

Back in December, we broke that Sony London are planning to “set the bar for the industry” visually, which may include their AAA character action game that’s been in development since 2011. Unfortunately, they’ll probably reveal that a F2P SingStar is coming to PS4 at gamescom, and maybe some other casual stuff is coming, but many of the individual developers who worked on The Getaway and Eight Days still remain at the studio, so there is hope that they are creating a ‘proper’ game.

We can all be certain that SCE San Diego Studio are developing another MLB: The Show, and we may even see it at E3 to demonstrate the series on next gen. Other than that, they’re working on Warrior’s Lair for PS3 and Vita with Idol Minds, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was announced for the PS4 as well now that the console has been revealed.

Finally, the big mystery is SCE Japan, because no one is ever sure how many teams are actually there. With The Last Guardian, Rain, Puppeteer, Knack and Freedom Wars all in development (along with other Vita games), it might be too much to ask for another PS4 game to be announced.

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