Sony Santa Monica’s New IP To Feature Magic

While part of the Sony Santa Monica team is hard at work developing God of War: Ascension, another part is working on an entirely new IP, which is shrouded in mystery. And magic.

Previous job listings suggested that the game would be a first or third person shooter and have a vehicular combat element. A new job listing that PSLS has uncovered once again mentions those game features, but also hints at magic elements [emphasis added]:

Assist, collaborate with and take direction from Lead Combat Designer and Game Director as needed on any the following: character and boss designs from concept to implementation completion, including character animation implementation and tuning, environmental character impact, special effects, sound effects, AI gameplay scenario layout and gameplay tuning, controller configuration, gameplay features, magic distribution, character balance and ramping.

Considering the developer’s GOW pedigree, it’s possible the developer could be working on a game with a similar reliance on a mythological past.

Whatever the case, don’t expect to find out too soon as the game was a no-show at this year’s E3.