God of War Developer Hiring Shooter and Vehicular Combat Expert

Possibly the complete opposite from what the God of War developers are known for, Sony’s Santa Monica Studios is trying to fill a position for an unannounced upcoming game that will require some very specific game design experience. Last week, rumors emerged that a new God of War is scheduled for release next year, but could the series be drastically changing direction?

Spotted over on Gamasutra, a position has popped up explaining Santa Monica’s need for a ‘Senior Combat Designer‘. Applicants will be collaborating closely with the direction from the Lead Combat Designer and Game Director and are invited to join Sony as they ’embark on their next project!’ Keep in mind, no word was mentioned on what this new project is.

However, what’s caught everyone’s attention is not the new game in development, but rather the specific qualifications required in order to be considered for the role.

•Experience working with, developing or designing for a 1st and/or 3rd person shooter genre a plus.

•Experience working with, developing or designing vehicle combat in a game also a plus.

Is the renowned development team planning a fresh start on a new IP for this new talent, or could this be a sign towards a sequel to a series Santa Monica has past experience with, like Warhawk? Check out the entire job description and let us know what comes to mind.