Dark Cloud Developer Level-5 Opens its Doors in North America

March 20, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

About a year ago there was some rumbling that Japanese developer Level-5 would be opening up shop in Santa Monica, California. The time has come, and an office is open now, and currently running strong with a five person crew which is the perfect amount to match the studios’ name. Make no mistake though, this office is not setup to localize Level-5 games, but instead to develop them for the North American market.

An announcement of specific titles will be mentioned at this years Level-5 Vision press event. Whatever games they are, they will be a collaboration of the core Japanese staff and the local staff, something Akiko Hino believes will make a successful game in North America.

This should be great for PSP and PS3 owners as some of the titles announced are surely to be for one of the systems. Dark Cloud perhaps?