Guerrilla Games Reveals Work on a New IP

Killzone 3 is one of the most anticipated shooters to hit next year, and while Guerrilla Games is still in the development stage of this astonishing follow up to the triumphant Killzone 2, it seems as though that’s not all the Dutch developer has up their sleeves.

We reported back in March that Guerrilla Games was brewing up something new and now we have evidence. Herman Hulst, managing director of Guerrilla Games has revealed in a recent interview with Dutch game magazine Control that his studio is working on a new IP.

Hulst explained that the new IP is still in the concept stage, with everyone at the Amsterdam studio pitching in with ideas and giving him a perception of the type of game the studio wants. When questioned during the interview, “What about the development of a new IP?”, Herman replied:

“We are now in full working. We try to do it very carefully and are now at the point where key players are set up. It is very busy with Killzone 3, but we still have people on this [project]. Very soon we are going upscale. We are now still in the conceptual stage. A very nice time for the studio. Typical of the Guerrilla culture is that the company is involved in the project. We have an extensive briefing circulated and invited everyone to pitch concepts. There are so many ideas coming from the staff. It gives a good picture of what the studio wants. We had quite a quick idea of what we want to do, but it’s still too early to talk about it.”

With no allusion to the type of genre the new project will initially take, it leaves those to speculate that it might be another warfare based title. Nevertheless there is always the diminutive possibility that they will opt for a altogether different direction, though personally I highly doubt it.

Though Guerrilla Games is best known for the Killzone franchise, they also are responsible for the PS2 title Shellshock: Nam ’67. Before they changed their name to Guerrilla Games the developers, formally known as Lost Boys Games, produced less maturely themed titles such as Spongebob Squarepants for the original PlayStation and Tiny Toons Adventures for the Game Boy Color. This just really goes to show just how broad the possibilities are for what the new IP could be.

Killzone 3 is set to release in February 2011, it will be the first, first-person-shooter to implement both 3D and the Sony Move.