SCEE’s Move Game is a “Large”, “AAA” “Character Action Game”

The PlayStation Move desperately needs some good Move-only games, desperately. Luckily, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are hard at work on a massive action game for the motion controller.

We previously uncovered that the Move game, in development by Sony’s London Studio, would be based on a “new IP” that could expand into a “franchise”, and that the game would utilize motion capture technology to create a high-end, realistic game. Now, after hunting through LinkedIn, we have discovered more proof of the true scale of the title.

Mark Simmons, Game Director at SCEE revealed a bunch of details about the game when giving recommendations about other staff members:

Simmons talked about Sean Turner, describing the size of the game:

I managed Sean directly as Game Director of a large unannounced PlayStation 3 game at the Sony London studio. The project has a significant amount of heavy technical challenges…

He also recommended Anthon Thomas, describing the game as AAA:

I worked with Anthon on an unannounced AAA project at the Sony London Studio.

Most revealingly, Simmons recommendation of Fahad Khan describes the game as:

[An] AAA character action game at Sony London studio.

He then confirms that it is indeed the Sony Move game in his recommendation for Laura Carter:

I was one of two line managers who managed Laura directly day-to-day on a large unannounced PS3 and Move project for the Sony London studio.

Additionally, Laura said that she helped “to manage a large scale game development team.”

Moreover, as Simmons recommends James Magee, it is clear they worked together on the project, and Magee lists his previous work as having worked on “an unannounced PS3 Move title.”

With gamescom later this month, the game could finally be announced and give the controller the library it really needs, and deserves. However, it’s unclear how long the project has been in development – Simmons has been working on it since April 2010, Magee was contracted in January 2010 – so the game may still be far from completion.

Would you like a large action game made for the Move controller based on a new IP? Share your thoughts in the comments below.