New Tomb Raider May Include Multiplayer

A new Tomb Raider was revealed earlier this month, and although details were scarce, we did find out that it will be a reboot to the franchise, with a younger, less-experienced Ms. Croft. Today, we found an interesting listing for a job that could really shake up the franchise.

This console generation, if you release a game without multiplayer, it is almost destined to end up in the used game bin in mere months. Unfortunately, this very fact tends to have most publishers releasing a game with a shorter campaign, or a very lackluster online experience. Undeterred by this, Crystal Dynamics looks to be bringing Tomb Raider into the equation.

According to a listing on Gamasutra (which has since been taken down), Crystal Dynamics is looking for both a senior game designer for multiplayer and a producer for multiplayer. This may seem like an odd direction, but with a similar game, Uncharted, going the multiplayer route, as well as Crystal Dynamics last game, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, having online co-op, it seems like if it is done right, this can be just the right direction to take the Tomb Raider series.

Of course there are no confirmed details, but as we progress into 2011, we will bring you all the new information as it breaks.