More Impressive Numbers for Black Ops

December 27, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

In November, when Call of Duty: Black Ops released, it set the record for biggest entertainment launch of all time, racking up an impressive $360 million in sales. Then it was announced, by the NPD group, that Black Ops accounted for 25% of all video game sales in November, with an astounding 8.4 millions copies sold. Finally last week, Activision revealed that Black Ops had reached $1 billion in sales, and even more impressive was that they had reached that milestone faster than Modern Warfare 2. Well, today Activision releases even more impressive numbers for their FPS juggernaut.

Treyarch has often been criticized by PS3 users for the multiple problems the online in Black Ops faced. With lag and crashes plaguing many PS3 owners, causing some to even start a petition for a refund, which has been signed by more than 7000 gamers. But be that as it may this FPS can not be stopped.

Activision has sent out a press release on the number of hours gamers have put into their FPS:

Gamers have played more then 600 million hours on Black Ops

Judging by the sales numbers and this latest information, the Call of Duty franchise is not going anywhere soon, and even with companies like EA saying they are cutting into Activision sales, you can guarantee that Call of Duty will be the king of the Mountain for a few more years.