Zatanna and Grundy Get Statue Treatment

December 31, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

The massively multiplayer online game, DC Universe Online, may be set to release in early January, but if you were hoping to complement your gaming purchase with a good looking Zatanna statue, you may just have to wait for a while. DC Direct’s statue tie-in line of figures for DC Universe Online gets new additions that are now available for pre-order, but the statues won’t be ready until the summer.

The latest additions to the DC Universe Online statutes are available for pre-order: Zatanna and Solomon Grundy. The 7″ high, cold cast porcelain figures will be available in the US on August 24, 2011 for $85. As with the other statues, such as the Flash, Superman and the Green Lantern, these are a limited edition run, but no other details have been provided on exactly how many will be in each run.

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