Uncharted 3 Will Uncover More Freedom Says Naughty Dog

January 3, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

The Uncharted series has garnered a wealthy amount of praise this generation, but consensus says the two previous games are quite linear. While Uncharted is all about adventure and finding lost treasure, the narrow corridors and lack of choice in direction leave room for improvement. Players aren’t the only ones aware of this, and Naughty Dog plans to take advantage of the desire for a dynamic journey.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Naughty Dog game director Justin Richmond let it be known that there will be larger, more open areas in Uncharted 3 as compared to the previous two titles in the series. In the interview, Richmond states:

“It’s still up in the air how much gameplay we’re going to let you wander around. It will probably feel more open than the other games have. For sure.”

He then shared the team’s philosophy regarding the “guided” experience found in the series:

“But we’re never going to let you just ride a thousand miles off into the middle of nowhere. Ultimately the feel we want to get is, yeah, you’re lost in the desert. So it needs to feel like that. But it’s not going to feel open-world.”

The Mass Effect games have managed to incorporate sandbox-style environments with a story-driven narrative very well. While Uncharted isn’t an RPG, a larger amount of freedom would help fuel the sense of adventure. I, for one, would love to see larger environments with a few paths, even if it means a shorter game.

Would you like to see more sandbox elements in the Uncharted series? Or would you prefer Naughty Dog sticks with its award-winning proven formula? Share your thoughts in the comments below.