Mass Effect 2 Will Be “Much More Solid” On PlayStation 3, Claims Producer

December 16, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

When BioWare first announced that one of their crowning achievements, Mass Effect 2 (and the rest of the series for that matter), would be heading to the PlayStation 3, fans of the series and PS3 fanboys alike were elated by the news. Add to this recent comments by the company which claim that the game will be “much more solid” on the PlayStation 3, and you’ve got yourself a pretty prolific message.

The comment was made by BioWare PS3 producer Jesse Houston via the companie’s official podcast, as he was discussing many of the new features to be found in the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2.

“…we’ve made the experience much more solid on the PS3.”

“Being that the PS3 is coming out over a year later, we wanted to make sure that we added a lot of benefit to the people who waited.”

This is exactly what we should be hearing from developers who port, or in this case completely re-develop, their games for the PS3. More features, better visuals and full utilization of Blu-ray; these things show just how serious BioWare is and just how committed they are to a quality gaming experience, fully exploiting the potential for each console that they develop on.

As previously discussed, in addition to the boatload of extra content built into this Blu-ray iteration, players will still be able to experience the back-story from the original Mass Effect through an interactive comic, which will affect some pretty significant moments in the Mass Effect 2 universe through the actual game save. Also, there will be an all-new control scheme set up specifically for the PS3, although players can revert back to the original 360 control scheme if they so choose.

“an interactive comic that helps tell the backstory of Mass Effect 1, as well as helps you set the stage for your Mass Effect 2 universe. It helps you make decisions on things like whether or not Wrex lives or dies, or whether Ashley or Kaiden lives or dies.”

“The controls are geared towards the PS3 controller. You can switch it back to the old-style Xbox controls if you’d like.”

With recent news that the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 will be utilizing the same in-game engine as the upcoming Mass Effect 3, it’s looking the Sony’s black behemoth will be the central hub for the complete Mass Effect experience, despite what some Microsoft PR folks would lead you to believe.

Be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for all the latest coverage regarding Mass Effect’s giant leap onto the PS3, and be sure to catch Mass Effect 2 when it hits store shelves January 18th, 2011.