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anthem story length

It’s Difficult to Compare Anthem’s Story Length to Other BioWare Titles, Says Devs

Expect the main story path to feature lots of content, though.

bioware anthem update

Anthem Is at the ‘Play From Home’ Stage, and Dragon Age News Is On the Way Too

What’s up with Dragon Age? New transmedia? New game? Cereal box?

Mass Effect Andromeda Quarian Ark

A Little Look at Lore: The Quarian Ark Mystery Solved! (Sort of)

Dramatically: Alas, poor Yorrick.

Bioware romances

To All the BioWare Boys I’ve Loved Before – A Series of Letters to My BioWare Romances

Love gained and love lost.

mass effect n7 armor

Players Will Be Able to Dress Their Anthem Javelin Suits in Mass Effect N7 Armor

It seems a perfect fit.

n7 day 2018

BioWare Releases a Video for N7 Day, Giving Mass Effect Fans Hope

Mass Effect’s not dead.

video game butts

We Have Laura Kate Dale to Thank for a Book About Video Game Butts

No butts, no glory.

A Little Look at Lore: The Illusive Man Origin Story

Let the Illusive Man’s origin story be illusive no more!


Mass Effect Design Challenge Begins In Celebration of N7 Day

The Collectors want your designs.

Mass Effect Andromeda Nexus Uprising

A Little Look at Lore: Mass Effect Andromeda: Nexus Uprising

Would you believe me if I said Sloane Kelly wasn’t always a hardened bitch?

Calling Bullshit on BioWare’s Claims Mass Effect Andromeda Wasn’t Built to Support DLC

BS senses, tingling!

Mass Effect Andromeda DLC

Unlike Anthem, Mass Effect: Andromeda Wasn’t Built to Support Post-Launch DLC

Because Anthem is a live-service game, BioWare is afforded new opportunities.

anthem game confusion

BioWare Dev Clears Up Confusion on Anthem Influencing Dragon Age and Mass Effect

Anthem will influence BioWare’s beloved RPGs in game design alone.

anthem content plan

BioWare’s Anthem Strategy Could Impact Mass Effect and Dragon Age

BioWare is looking ahead as it crafts its Anthem strategy.

New Dragon Age and Mass Effect

BioWare Hints at New Dragon Age and Mass Effect Projects

While EA’s pleased with the excitement surrounding Anthem, noting that demo stationsRead the full article…

bioware future games

BioWare Hopes to Develop Smaller, Experimental Projects

BioWare is interested in smaller games and short films.

mass Effect Andromeda reviews

BioWare’s Mark Darrah Blames Mass Effect: Andromeda Reception on a ‘Crowded Review Environment’

“You don’t have full control over when you launch and no control over when others do.”

mass effect not dead

EA, BioWare: Mass Effect is Not Dead

Andromeda wounded it, but Mass Effect is still kicking out there somewhere.

Bioware store sale

Huge BioWare Store Sale Deals Deep Discounts on Mass Effect and Dragon Age Products

Discounts up to 80% on clothing and collectibles.

Andromeda story DLC

BioWare Addresses Lack of Mass Effect Andromeda Story DLC and Future Plans

The studio posts an apologetic, hopeful message to gamers.