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Anthem PAX panel

BioWare Announces PAX West 2018 Panel for Anthem

BioWare plans to address various concerns about Anthem.

New Dragon Age and Mass Effect

BioWare Hints at New Dragon Age and Mass Effect Projects

While EA’s pleased with the excitement surrounding Anthem, noting that demo stationsRead the full article…

anthem map size

Anthem’s Map Size Confirmed by BioWare Developer

And there’s still so much left to see.

playground games hires

Playground Games Hires Talent from EA Motive, Rocksteady, BioWare, Ninja Theory, and More for Unannounced RPG Project

It’s like WCW talent poaching but with nerds instead of wrestlers.

bioware anthem

EA ‘Pleased’ With Excitement Surrounding Anthem, Says Community Showing ‘Great Interest’

Recent demo sessions were “packed.”

New Anthem Details

New Anthem Details Suggest Javelins Have Different Geometry

Would you sport a pink, Hulkbuster Javelin?

bioware studio closing

Former BioWare Dev Says Anthem’s Failure Wouldn’t Shutter the Studio

BioWare consistently makes the games it wants to make.

BioWare veteran designer leaves

Veteran BioWare Game Designer James Ohlen Leaves Studio

I miss BioWare classics. Some of the best RPGs ever.

anthem single player

Anthem Single Player Won’t Include AI Teammates

The lone ranger.

anthem game romance

Anthem Producer on Customization Options and Lack of Romance

“Universal” relationships are instead Anthem’s focus.

anthem game enemies

Anthem’s Enemy Types and Behaviors Affected by Time of Day

Might the game offer a greater challenge at night?

Anthem E3 gameplay demo

BioWare Releases 20 Minutes of Anthem’s Exciting E3 Gameplay Demo

See 20 minutes of BioWare’s latest in action.

next dragon age game

BioWare Currently at ‘Figuring Out’ Stage for Next Dragon Age Game

Please, please, please, please, please.

bioware future games

BioWare Hopes to Develop Smaller, Experimental Projects

BioWare is interested in smaller games and short films.

mass Effect Andromeda reviews

BioWare’s Mark Darrah Blames Mass Effect: Andromeda Reception on a ‘Crowded Review Environment’

“You don’t have full control over when you launch and no control over when others do.”

anthem javelin suits

Anthem’s Javelin Suits Will be The Same Size, No Matter the Character’s Gender

It suits you.


Anthem is the ‘Biggest Thing We’ve Done’ Reveals BioWare

Go big or go home.

anthem endgame

BioWare Breaks Down How It’s Approaching Anthem’s Endgame, Says It’s a ‘Really Important’ Aspect

It’ll be accessible but not watered down.

mass effect not dead

EA, BioWare: Mass Effect is Not Dead

Andromeda wounded it, but Mass Effect is still kicking out there somewhere.

anthem game story

BioWare Explains the Significance of Story and Choice in Anthem

Anthem handles story differently, but story is still important.