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E3 2017 – Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference Was the Most Talked About on Social Media

Was it all positive?


E3 2017 – BioWare’s Anthem Gets a Gameplay Video

See it in action.


BioWare Clarifies Anthem’s Release Window, Says It’ll Launch in Fall 2018

They erroneously mentioned Spring 2018.


E3 2017 – EA Teases New BioWare Game, Anthem

That long-rumored “Dylan.”


Mass Effect Andromeda Update 1.08 Is Live, Here’s the Patch Notes

Character creator and male romance options for Scott Ryder expanded.


Mass Effect Andromeda Update 1.08 Improves Character Creator, Scott Ryder’s Male Romance Options

Check out the full patch notes.

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Writer Addresses Reports of Next Dragon Age Game Being In Development

Nothing’s officially confirmed.


Mass Effect Andromeda Update 1.07 Fixes SOS Quest Crash & More

The Athletic Casual Outfit will now unlock for Deluxe Edition owners.

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Report: Mass Effect Series Put on Hold

BioWare responds.


BioWare’s New IP Pushed to Fiscal Year 2019, Delay Is Unrelated to Andromeda’s Reception

This means it’s coming out between April 2018 and March 2019.


Mass Effect Andromeda Update 1.06 Goes Live Today Following Some Server Maintenance

Deluxe Edition owners get the free cosmetic items starting today.


Mass Effect Andromeda’s Criticisms Have Been “Hard to See,” Says Lead Designer

He’s happy to communicate with fans directly, however.

mass effect andromeda ps4 review

BioWare Initially Explored a Procedural Design for Mass Effect Andromeda But It Didn’t Work Out

It was going to be a “giant procedural game.”


Another Source Says BioWare’s New IP Is Destiny-Styled Game Code Named Dylan, Debuting at E3

However, that BioWare Austin Star Wars rumor might not be true.


Report: BioWare’s New IP Is Sci-Fi Themed and Has MMO Elements

It might debut at E3.


Here’s Everything Included in Mass Effect Andromeda Update 1.05 Today

BioWare issues a statement regarding Hainly Abrams.


Mass Effect Andromeda to Receive More Character Creator Options, Improved Animations

BioWare outlines what to expect over the next two months.


Report: BioWare Outsourced Mass Effect Andromeda Animation Work, Relied Heavily on New Technology

Decisions came from higher ups, ground team not involved.