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BioWare Layoffs Announced as the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Developer Reorganizes

Fans hoped for an update on the development of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in the latest BioWare blog post. Instead, the developer announced a devastating series of layoffs.

BioWare layoffs have been announced as part of a studio-wide reorganization plan

Penned by General Manager Gary McKay, a new update on the BioWare blog revealed that roughly 50 roles are being eliminated as the studio reorganizes many of its internal teams. News of the layoffs come as gaming companies ranging from Microsoft to Niantic have similarly slashed staff in recent months.

Mac Walters Leaves BioWare

Citing a need to “shift towards a more agile and more focused studio,” McKay claims that the layoffs were unavoidable if the studio wanted to remain competitive in an ever-changing field.

The blog post notes BioWare will work to help as many employees as possible find work at EA’s other studios. However, he concedes “not everyone will find a new role within the company.” While some employees may be able to find new work at some of the publisher’s other studios, layoffs at EA earlier this year resulted in roughly six percent of staff being let go. This may make new opportunities hard to come by.

This BioWare layoffs come, too, on the tail of a high-profile departure. In early 2023, Dragon Age Director Mac Walters left BioWare after almost two decades with the company. Between his departure and this recent round of layoffs, Dragon Age fans may have a long wait ahead of them before the franchise’s long-awaited next entry.