BioWare is now focusing on new Mass Effect and Dragon Age games

BioWare Reports Layoffs With ‘Renewed Focus’ on Dragon Age, Mass Effect

BioWare has reported an undisclosed number of layoffs as it “renews” its focus on Dragon Age Dreadwolf and the next Mass Effect game. The developer has announced that it’s handing over the reins for the long-running MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic to the boutique studio, Broadsword.

BioWare provides an update on Dragon Age Dreadwolf and Mass Effect

SWTOR executive producer Keith Kanneg, who announced the restructuring in a blog post, has said that SWTOR has an exciting future ahead. With the move to Broadsword, a number of the game’s developers will be shifted to the new team. However, some roles will have to be eliminated. BioWare says it’ll make an effort to move affected team members to other roles within EA, who will continue to publish SWTOR.

“This means a renewed focus on our two key franchises: Dragon Age and Mass Effect,” Kanneg wrote. “For Dragon Age, we continue to build, polish, and tune an exceptional experience we know our fans will love. For Mass Effect, we continue pre-production with a core team of veteran storytellers who are bringing the deep franchise history forward in a spectacular new way.”

Kanneg has said that we’ll hear more about the upcoming games soon.