PlayStation Phone Gets Xperia Logo, PlayStation-Esque “Buttons” Logo

While Sony hasn’t announced anything about a PlayStation Phone yet, the internet has been ablaze with photos. These new ones look pretty official.

Well, the folks over at Engadget did it again. They uncovered the first pictures of the PlayStation Phone last time, and they seem to have the next batch in. The new photos seem to have a more finalized version of the hardware, complete with running the Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” operating system. These new pictures seem to mostly be about aesthetic changes. The edges look smoother, the device has a nice sheen, and most of all, the new XPERIA logo as well as the PlayStation’s trademark Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square logo on the bottom corner. For a sense of relative size, the current Xperia X10 is right next to it. Check them out for yourself.

Undoubtedly, Sony is probably going to say the usual “no comment on rumor or speculation.” But we all know it’s true. Just put it out there already. We want to know more! Maybe they’ll announce it at the Consumer Electronics Show on Thursday…? Stay Tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle if an official announcement comes out.