Rockstar Contemplates a Return to the Gunslingin’ Wild West

January 4, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

In addition to being a Game of the Year title, Red Dead Redemption has had its fair share of outstanding DLC. Now that four popular content packs have made their way to the PlayStation Store, many have begun awaiting the next title from the award-winning Rockstar studio. However, we might be seeing more content in the future that will pull us back to the dangerous wild west.

In this month’s issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, Jeronimo Barrea of Rockstar hinted at additional future DLC for Red Dead Redemption. In an interview with Barrea he states:

“For all the games we work on, we have a massive number of ideas that [don’t] make it in.”

Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare pack was arguably the best DLC of 2010, and one that included a great deal of quality content. If Rockstar chooses to let us explore the title again with more content, hopefully it’ll be another pack that adds fun missions, more weapons, and additional modes for the online portion.

If more DLC comes to Red Dead Redemption, what would you like to see? Post your thoughts in the comments below.