GeoHot Jailbreaks PS3 Firmware 3.55, Runs First Piece of Homebrew

As many of you have probably read, the internet has been set ablaze with the recent discovery of formerly secret PlayStation 3 encrypted signature keys which allow any program to be officially “signed” as though it came straight from Sony, allowing users to modify their console and run essentially any piece of homebrew that their heart desires. George Hotz (GeoHot), the hacker responsible for Sony’s removal of Linux after his original hack of the PS3, is at it again, this time showing off a “jailbroken” version of PS3 firmware 3.55, along with one of the first pieces of homebrew.

According to GeoHot, the console was first jailbroken with what will soon be a special .PUP file, which then made it so that the PS3 no longer bothered to try and recognize signature keys when loading programs, packages, etc. This is basically like removing all security from an airport terminal, letting every single person by without first giving them clearance to enter the terminal. Note that this was all done without having to install any sort of modified or custom firmware first; the whole process was made possible by simply cracking 3.55’s shell and exploiting it. A modified firmware did hit the web a few days ago, but it looks like there won’t really be a need for it.

Check out the video below to see GeoHot’s first piece of homebrew in action. Though simple, it shows that the homebrew scene is now in full-effect and that boundaries seem to be non-existent.

Sony mentioned yesterday that they’d fix the current security issues with “network updates” despite hackers saying that it’s impossible at this point. We’ll keep you updated if Sony does indeed attempt to combat these recent hacks and if they are or aren’t successful.