Orb BR Software Rolling to PS3

The PlayStation 3 is quickly turning into a lean, mean, media streaming machine, as yet another service has been added to the growing roster of multimedia choices to provide owners with HD movies and TV. In a press release at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, Orb Networks has announced that they will be bringing their service to the PS3 and other internet connected Blu-ray players very soon.

Orb’s Blu-Ray TV will stream 1080p videos to the user, and provide content from a number of well established services, including Hulu, Netflix, HuluPlus, Comedy Central and Amazon Video on Demand, with more to come. Of particular interest are the Comedy Central and Amazon Video on Demand services, since they have been unavailable on the PS3 until now. Orb BR also boasts the ability to be controlled through a smart phone app on iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod Touch or on any computer, which sounds incredibly convenient. With a host of options, a low price point of $19.99, and incredible convenience, this sounds like a great addition to the PS3’s media capabilities.

Will you be picking up Orb BR when it becomes available this February?