Nyko Announces Two Powerful Firearms for Move

As a result of selling over four-million units worldwide, the PlayStation Move has been host to a wide-array of accessories. Mad Catz quickly joined the fray, and we’ve seen boxing gloves, assault rifles, and even sports equipment. With Nyko having a huge share of the accessory market, it’s only natural that they’d add themselves to the equation sooner or later.

Nyko has just announced some upcoming PlayStation Move products at CES 2011. The first is a handgun-style peripheral for the Move called the Perfect Shot — the same name as the Wii’s counterpart — featuring a tactile trigger, and a comfortable, ergonomic grip. Secondly, Nyko will be releasing a rifle called the Power Shot, which has a similar feature set along with a mount for the Move Navigation controller and even a small scope for sighting. See below.

Neither of these cool-looking accessories have a set price, but they will both be available in March. Might I add, the PlayStation Move has the coolest-looking peripherals on the market?